Big Pine Physical Therapy Testimonial by Coleen Massey

Physical Therapy

“Both my husband and I see Dr. Rodger Evans for physical therapy. We found him and his lovely staff to be very professional but with a warm and caring approach. We both had excellent results. I had a hip replacement and recovered back to normal. My and second issue was an old knee replacement that was very painful and Rodger worked on it and it is now pain free. Thanks so much.”

Coleen Massey

Big Pine Physical Therapy Testimonial by Jenna Harvey

Jenna Physical Therapy

“I have seen Rodger Evans on two different occasions, both times I felt I received one on one care with passion and a true concern of my health. I would highly recommend him as a physical therapist and would recommend my family and friends to receive treatment from him.  I have experienced a few different  PTs over the last 20 years and feel Rodger”s treatments were extremely focused and Accurate. Your welcome to call me directly regarding my experience working with him.”

Jenna Harvey

Big Pine Physical Therapy Testimonial by Mrs. Sentineal

Physical Therapy

“I have seen 3 Physical Therapist over the least 2 years regarding my Heel Pain. Within 4 sessions of seeing Rodger my pain was gone. He used a tool called the edge. I have never seen this used with any other PT. I highly recommend Dr. Evans as a Physical Therapist.”

Mrs. Sentineal

Big Pine Physical Therapy Testimonial by Gregory Eagle

Physical Therapy

“Rodger fixed my debilitating back pain in 4 weeks. I could not find the care I needed in Key West so I drove to Big Pine Key 3 x per week. I am pain free, back to work and happy.”

Gregory Alan Eagle

Big Pine Physical Therapy Testimonial by Mike Drapeau

Physical Therapy

“If you want somebody who will sincerely care about your recovery and future well being, Dr. Rodger doesn’t get any better.”

Mike Drapeau

Big Pine Physical Therapy Testimonial by Mary Moeller

Physical Therapy

“I greatly recommend going to Dr. Roger Evans. He is a specialist in lower back pain. My back hurt for 8 months so I finally got an MRI and it showed a dessicated disc but after just 3 sessions it didn’t hurt anymore! He really knows what he is doing and cares about your recovery. I wrote my general doctor a personal letter to say thank you for referring me because I was so happy with the results. I am currently living with no pain and I Thank you Dr. Evans!!!!

Mary Moeller

Big Pine Physical Therapy Testimonial by Pamela Pinholster

Physical Therapy

“This is a reference letter for Roger Evans, the physical therapist that you sent me to a few weeks ago, on Big Pine Key. I wanted to thank you for doing so, because he has helped me so much in my healing process. I would happily recommend him to anyone that I know who requires an excellent physical therapist. I am so glad he took me in after I had to cancel my first few appointments because of another important and pending situation. He kept his word and held my spot open for me to receive the therapy I so needed. Thank you once again for this referral!”

Pamela Pinholster